Increase your audience by finding the right content topic for your blog

If your serious about getting more visitors to your website, then you need to follow these simple steps:

Step #1: Do your research to find the most engaging topic your audience is interested in.

Try not to publish topics that you think will work, do your research first. These handy tools will help you find the most engaging topics:

  • is a website that sells websites and the content within the website. Use the search field and type in a keyword related to your niche. Filter the results that get at least 1000 unique results per month.
  • is a great tool to find more ideas. If you don’t find anything promising, then click on the “top” tab which will filter the most popular threads.
  • is another great tool that your competition isn’t using. Most people think that Pinterest is mostly used by stay-at-home mums – not true! Pinterest helps drive more traffic to your website that other popular platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. It’s a great platform to get your juices flowing.
  • Moz’s Open Site Explorer shows you the authority of websites and webpages based on inbound links. This is a great tool to spy on your competitors. Enter their url into the tool and click on the top pages tab. Keep an eye out for pages that have a lot of “Linking Root Domains,” this is a fancy way of saying “the number of sites that link to that page.”

Step #2: Your research will identify the most engaging topics; take these and make it better.

There is a simple way to make engaging topics even better. Here’s how:

  1. Make your content modern and up to date
  2. Be thorough with your topic, after all you’re the subject matter expert
  3. Be creative in outputting your content

Step #3: Promote your content directly to people that would be interested in it.

Find Likely Linkers, people that are likely to link to your content, perhaps using social media. Use ahrefs site explorer tool. Enter the url you think was most popular from your research, now the inferior website and click “search links.”  Under the “Backlinks” section of the sidebar, click on “External.” This will show you a list of sites linking to that page. If you find an article that’s suitable, then send the author a quick email, saying you loved reading their work but found it was out of date. Be sure to let them know that you have written something similar, include the link and kindly ask whether they could mention it on their website or social media.

Next Steps

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