Instagram For Small Business Growth

instagram, what is instagram, milkshake-factoryInstagram is one of the most popular photo-sharing facilities for individuals and businesses. Businesses are able to express their brand and company visually, which can often be much more powerful. Sharing information in an image form means your followers can view them quickly, easily and also share it quickly and easily too.

To begin, you’ll need to install Instagram’s free app on your mobile device. Once you’ve done that, register a new account for your business. From there, you’ll be able to upload company photos and use a variety of filter effects to enhance the images you select.

Instagram has recently introduced “Profiles on the Web,” and they’re a dynamite way to show off your brand as well as the photos you share on the platform. These new profiles are slick indeed, and they come, complete with a rotating carousel of your company’s most recently shared pics located directly above your profile picture and company bio. Below is an example of a business profile:

instagram for businesses


When you set up your profile and create a web page for your account, you open the door to a fantastic tool for growth. You can add a “Follow Me on Instagram” button to your company website or to your other social media accounts and link it all to your Instagram profile on the Web. Instagram users can surf through your content, leave comments, like your images, and start following your company right from their Web browser – no smartphone required (although they can use that too)!

Your profile will also include an easily memorable URL. To view your company’s spot on the Web, visit[username]. For example:

In this era of online marketing, social media integration is vitally important. Sharing your content across multiple social media platforms will maximize your brand’s exposure.

If you are a product-based business, use Instagram to create a online product catalogue for your fans to browse through, and comment on at their leisure. Another great use for Instagram is demonstrating how to use the products you sell. Sometimes your customers need a little help to visualise the use of your product.

Once you’ve gained enough fans, try out a similar tactic to increase engagement for your own brand. Tiffany & Co., the infamous jeweler, has launched a campaign inviting people to submit pictures of love situations and finish quotes the company starts to prompt user participation.

Starting a dialogue is the best way to get fans fired up about your brand, simply because people like to be heard and have their opinions taken seriously. Use the platform to learn how to better your business through user feedback, and you’ll find fans come to you.

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