Keeping Small Business Website Design Simple

website designLess is more. The popularity of simple design is now seen in website design. Outlined below are key simple designs:

1. Grid Based Design

Grid based designs are clean. Clients love grid based designs because they project organized content. This may mean less get ups regarding design, but it is an effective reach towards usability. In the end, that is the goal – easy website navigation to turn prospect customers into buyers.

2. Creative Typography

Typography is the foundation of a good web design. It is the only design aspect that conveys a message as well. But, there are a few typography blunders to watch out for. First, do not put too much different typography. It is important to maintain consistency in the tone and theme of the website. Keep the different fonts to a few to get a unified look.

3. Whitespace With Bold Color Accents

It’s the new design classic, 95% black & white and 5% color. It makes the designer’s job simpler because there is less fuss to be created and more content to be highlighted. The amount of whitespace must be gargantuan to give the website room to breathe.

4. Hierarchy: Direct Attention on The Main Element

Websites need an organized hierarchy. What should the most attention-grabbing aspect be? How should the site lead the visitors to the call to action pitch? Should the company logo be the main face of the website or should it be in type? There must be a simple flow of elements that is effective in converting visitors to buyers. Messages, graphic, themes should be simple and very few but very powerful in asserting the brand of the company and the message that must be conveyed.

What Next

At Milkshake-factory, we are on a mission to make your small business marketing hassle free. You will find a lot of articles on our blog that can help you gain insight in the world of digital marketing. We hope these are going to be useful to you and we also look forward to your feedback on what else would you like to learn to help you to grow your small business. Consider hiring Milkshake-factory, complete marketing solutions, for all your marketing needs, contact us for a FREE consultation.