Key Elements In Marketing

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Find ways to communicate and capture your audience. Remember to come across as a person and not as a corporate business.

Optimize Conversion

Conversion optimisation isn’t really about improving just one conversion rate, it’s about improving many conversion rates. As a visitor turns into a prospect, then into a customer, and then ideally into a repeat customer, there are many steps along the way. Each one will have an important rate for you to consider.

Understand SEO

Ensure you follow and understand conversations, SEO, inbound links, and PageRank.

Stay Legal

Ensure you know where you stand legally and how to represent yourself online. Don’t forget about the little things, like copyright notices and double opt-in email lists. Your site should have a Digital Millenium Copyright Act Notice that allows people to contact you, or your service provider, if they believe there is anything infringing on your site.

Keep in mind that these recommendations only scratch the surface in terms of marketing elements. If this all sounds too complicated, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.