LinkedIn: Do’s and Dont’s

LinkedIn, Convert Leads Into Customers, milkshake-factory.com1Do Upload a Professional Picture

Upload a professional picture to all platforms you are building your personal brand on, whether that is Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or your blog. We know you’ll want to be fun and creative on those other sites, but don’t do it if you’re trying to create a professional image.


2Do Connect to Your Real Friends and Contacts

It’s crazy to see how many people connect with strangers all over the world because they want to “build up” their network on LinkedIn. Connecting

to hundreds of strangers will NOT help your network in LinkedIn. The value of LinkedIn comes in the quality of relationships you have, not the quantity.


3Do Keep Your Profile Current

If you neglect your profile, people will tend to forget and avoid you.


4Do Delete People Who Spam You

In life and in LinkedIn, there are bad apples. There are times when contacts or connections abuse the system and spam your Inbox with some new multilevel marketing scheme or a new product or service they’re selling. It’s polite to ask them to stop and rethink their strategy. They could be new to this, and maybe they made a mistake. But if they continue to abuse your connection, delete them.


5Do Spend Some Time on Your Summary

Express your personal brand, be extremely concise and specific when writing your summary, as you want to people excited about reading your profile and connect with you.


6Don’t Use LinkedIn Like Facebook and Twitter

LinkedIn is a professional network, and although it is important to share some personal content, don’t use LinkedIn as a personal network. That’s what Facebook is for.


7Don’t Sync LinkedIn with Twitter

Not everyone uses Twitter, so your colleagues on LinkedIn may not know how to read some of the special characters and abbreviations

on Twitter.


8Don’t Decline Invitations. Archive Them

When a stranger asks you for a connection on LinkedIn, archive the invitation instead of deleting it, as there could be a time when you meet this person, and you can refer to the previous invitation to connect.

9Don’t Ask Everyone for Recommendations

Not every recommendation is important. You do need to have at least two recommendations to reach 100% completion of your profile, but they need to be valuable recommendations.


10Don’t Forget to Use Spelling and Grammar Check

Your profile is technically a résumé, and we’ve all been taught that our résumés have to be laser perfect. Spell check everything!

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