LinkedIn For Startups

LinkedIn, LinkedIn Ads, Marketing Strategy, IT Project ManagementLinkedIn  now has more than 160 million members. LinkedIn started to increase its offerings for companies wanting to take advantage of it’s site. The new company pages are a valuable way to share information about your business, products and industry with followers. If looking to start a company page, or ramp up your involvement, follow these steps:

Step 1: Regularly Post Updates

Post updates to your followers such as information about your company, job opportunities, new clients, or links to articles or blogs that relate to the industry you are in, or are targeting. Try and post at least once a day.

Step 2: Update Your Products and Services

Name each service and write out a detailed overview of what that service entails and its key features. You can also add a video, the key contact within the company for the service, a URL, or the details of a promotion.

Step 3: Ensure Employee’s Profiles Are Up-To-Date

Followers of your company page are able to click on your employee’s profiles. Therefore, you should ensure that their profiles suit your businesses goal and tone.

Step 4: Stats and Analytics

Who is following your company, including which industry they are from, their job function and which company they work for. Having this information easily accessible means you can better understand if your approach is working and if you’re attracting the right followers from your targeted industries.

Step 5: Add Your Blog

Add your blog’s RSS feed to your company page. It’s a great way to get more clicks on your blog and showcase your expertise in the areas that you are writing about.

Step 6: Update Events

If your company holds events, make sure to add them to the events section of LinkedIn. Get employees to click ‘I’m attending’ to gain further publicity for it.

LinkedIn is only going to grow in popularity and is a fantastic tool to promote your business.

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