Making Small Business Blogging Interesting

novelty tea pots, making boring topics interestingYour a small business owner, and you want to impress your readers with useful content. But how do you make your content interesting, particularly if you are in a boring niche market. The secret to making so-called boring topics impressive is in its simplicity. It’s not all about conducting market research, writing style, creating expensive infographics, or the having the right connections. All of this is required, but the essence of “interestingness” stems from one basic content commandment: Always ask the right questions -“who,” “what,” “when,” “where,” “why,” and “how” questions and phrase these to be interesting to you.

As an experiment, let’s pick a boring topic and see what we can come up with.

How about tea pots? Boring enough for you? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who invented the first tea pot and how did they get their inspiration?
  • What makes people think they need to drink tea poured from a tea pot and boil water from a kettle?
  • When do tea pots sales rise and what does that tell us about our population?
  • Where are tea pots made, and why not somewhere else?
  • Why are we drawn to novelty tea pots?
  • How does a tea pot get all the way from China to Melbourne Australia and still sell for a profit?

Now answer these questions using sites like Quora to find out what else people want to know about tea pots.

  • Whether thermoses are better for the environment
  • Where they can find tea pots shaped like a stormtrooper’s head
  • What some iconic tea pots from TV, movies, and films are

Then we can turn our attention to Yahoo! Answers to find more questions people care about, like:

  • How fast does your tea cool in a tea pot when compared to kettle?
  • How can you fix a chip in a tea pot?

These may seem like incredibly mundane lists to you, but keep in mind, real people are asking these questions. I haven’t even addressed the much more broad subject of tea itself, which I would certainly want to do if I had a client in the coffee mug industry.

I also recommend searching forums, social networks, and other internet “hangouts” to see what kinds of questions people are asking about your subject. I hope you’re beginning to see the potential for limitless content ideas here.

What Next

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