Mark Zuckerberg Took CEO Lessons

mark zuckerberg successMark Zuckerberg may be the poster child for entrepreneurial success, but he had to take CEO lessons. Along with his rise, he had to figure out how to be a manager and attempt to unearth their potential.

Leadership can feel tough, that’s because it feels unnatural. You have to train yourself to overcome the innate responses that accompany regular social interaction and contend with the instinct to be liked while continually evaluating and providing feedback. Once you take on the CEO reins, your job as a manager won’t resemble work as you know it.

Conversation and word-of-mouth communication are vital. So taking time and effort to do non-work is essential, even when it’s awkward and feels unnatural and even if it means feeling like you’re standing alone at a party, without the social safe haven of your phone, open and vulnerable.

Here are another three tips to consider when you’re trying to ‘do nothing:’

1. Take a stroll around the office, without a specific task in mind. Practice that leisurely pace, and overcome the natural inclination to always be and be seen working.

2. Talk to employees, even if you know they’re on deadline for something. Find out their pain points and make a real effort to resolve them. That way, people will know they can come to you, their manager, to get things done.

3. Try to get more comfortable with not being friends with everyone. A manager shouldn’t be viewed as biased, even if you grew up together and spent long hours toiling on a business idea in a garage somewhere.

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