Marketers Go DIY (For Good Or Bad), complete marketing solutions melbournePerhaps self-service ad platforms have created a do-it-yourself culture among marketers. But tools are no substitute for skills or strategies. Could you do with a CIO in Melbourne for assistance in IT strategies, freelance work by outsource to India, or a marketing consultant from Melbourne? Perhaps all of the above.

Marketers have more advanced technologies, data, and analytical tools at their disposal than at any other point. However, the capabilities and skills required to embrace this new digital dynamism in order to provide insight and sustainable business benefits are in short supply. As we shift focus from the tactics of search, display, social, and mobile to the strategic value of customer data integration and ownership, the winners will be those who best CIO, IT Project Management, architect and orchestrate their marketing resources around their technologies and customer data.

When it comes to assessing which digital marketing platforms, solutions, and channels will provide the most value and business gain, marketers tend to look inward to their own teams to determine needs and priorities (59%) rather teaming with IT to specify requirements (32%). A surprising 77% of marketers said their primary source for evaluating and specifying marketing technologies was their own internal team. More turned to vendors and solution providers (46%) than their own IT departments (42%). However, only 14% were highly satisfied with these resources.

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