Mistakes To Avoid On Twitter

Twitter Mistakes1. The Difference Between MT vs RT

If you’re just looking to ReTweet (RT) and have enough room to send it as is, then let that RT fly out into the Twittersphere. However, if you are up against 140 characters and need to modify any of the original message, preface it as MT (Modified Tweet.) If you are adding your own copy before the RT, then don’t worry about adjusting it to an MT.

2. Mentions

Sometimes you may want to lead off a tweet with a mention (i.e., @TwitterHandle). But did you know that if you lead a tweet with a mention, only those who follow both you AND the one you mention will see the tweet? Placing a period before the mention is the norm for overcoming this obstacle, but any character will suffice.

3. Twitter Ratio

Some accounts aren’t compatible and don’t make sense to follow back. This is the only legitimate excuse for a no follow. One excuse for a no follow that shouldn’t be tolerated is the quest for the coveted Twitter ratio. The Twitter Ratio is the concept of having more followers than you follow. This pretense defeats the whole purpose of Twitter. If an account goal is to achieve a ratio of 1:2 then you’re doing it wrong. Follow those who are relevant or inspire you and the numbers will work themselves out.

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