Need Help With Your QR Code?

QR Code, mobile marketing,, freelancer advantageThe quick response (QR) code is the marketing equivalent of speed-dating, connecting consumers to brands so they can scan to buy, discover and consume new content or just engage in conversation. The possibilities are infinite, each with the potential to create long-term customer relationships. Have you spoken to an Australian freelancer?

QR codes have recently become a popular tool in the mobile marketing space. To read a QR code on your mobile handset, you may need to download a (free) QR reader from your app store, which uses the camera in your smartphone to scan the code. Below are five examples on how a QR code can extend a user’s experience from one medium to the mobile handset.


By scanning the code, business marketing Melbourne have targeted shoppers to view and buy the item on their mobile. Shopping centres and train stations across the country are expected to follow next

Print to video

When scanning one of the many QR codes videos can be instantly streamed to the reader’s mobile.


It is becoming increasingly common for people who are having a negative experience to tweet about it as they are waiting. As online reputation can affect revenue streams, the QR based survey gives companies the chance to address an issue on the spot before it finds its way into the public domain.

Facebook Likes

QR codes can be used to drive Facebook ‘likes’. When the code is scanned, the user is directed to a mobile landing page containing the official Facebook Like button. As QR codes can contain and retrieve geolocation, custom codes are great for retail outlets and advertisements to track where your customers ‘liked’ your Facebook page.


A popular way of building a database of mobile numbers is to set up an SMS competition. Communication marketing Australia would rather implement a QR code to populate a SMS message with a predefined message and number, than asking your customers to text in a word to a number, combined with geolocation, this makes a powerful independent marketing tool.

Invest Time In QR Codes

Brands need to invest in connecting with consumers through the various touch-points that they encounter. This means having a cross-channel strategy that will complement the advertising messages and engage the consumer in the longer-term. And QR codes are a cross-channel marketing enabler. They allow brands to integrate their advertising messages in a consistent and complementary way to optimise the customer experience and drive an effective outcome. An IT manager or CIO can help your business implement QR codes. If you are looking for complete marketing solutions ideas or IT contracting Melbourne, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.