Negative Keyword Discovery

Irrelevant Search Queries, milkshake-factoryMost PPC Campaigns cost far more than they need to, because advertisers are paying for clicks that never deliver. Some sources estimate that advertisers who use broad and phrase match without negative keywords are wasting up to 30% of their budgets.

When conducting pay-per-click (PPC) ads, it’s important to determine your most profitable keywords and use them by creating relevant ad groups, text ads and landing pages. This allows you to draw in all those potential customers who are searching for your offerings in Google. When people click on your PPC ads and subsequently buy your products or services, you see a return on your investment in search advertising.

Which Match Type Do I Use?

Creating a negative keyword will ensure that your ad doesn’t show for that particular term – consider using negative keywords as a filter not to show your ads. Negative keywords are useful when applying phrase, modified broad, or broad match, as opposed to exact match, which only matches your ad to an exact keyword phrase you specify. When using broader match types, your keywords are matched to multiple variations of a phrase, not all of which will be logical extensions of the phrase you’re targeting, and not all of which will be pertinent to your business. When using exact match, it limits your reach, as it ignores long tail keywords, and the costs are higher, as such terms have higher competition and typically cost more.

Finding Your Negative Keywords

AdWords offers limited visibility into what queries your ads are being matched against. This maybe a tedious task of identifying relevant and irrelevant keywords but it will assist you in grouping your keywords and save you money.

Creating Google Ads Campaigns

I recommend that you create a negative keyword list for each of your major campaigns in Google AdWords. For example, let’s say that you sell pet clothes for both dogs and cats. You may have both a DOG CLOTHES and a CAT CLOTHES campaign running in your account and separate Ad Groups. Most likely, you have broad match keywords that may compete for the same ad impressions across campaigns. The only way to prevent Google from choosing to serve an ad to the wrong search query is by explicitly telling Google not to do so with a negative keyword.

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