Organic SEO Tips

SEO,, facts about SEO, organic SEOMany Melbourne marketers or digital marketers will advise that the top performing companies online understand organic SEO and how to optimise every web page, post, tweet, video, and back link, to ensure they maintain their competitive advantage.

Google regularly makes updates to their algorithm which affects the ranking of websites worldwide. Keeping up to date on changes within Google, Yahoo, Bing and others as well as making the relevant changes to your organic SEO strategy can be a huge responsibility. Most businesses don’t have the knowledge, time, or man power to see organic SEO success, why not chose a freelancer marketer to assist with your organic SEO success? Below are quick tips that can assist with your organic SEO success.


1. Create Blog

Create a blog and update it regularly with relevant content, targeting your target audience. Google owns Feedburner so utilizing their RSS service is a good idea. Integrate keywords into your blog title and body.

2. Active social media presence

Google loves Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc The key here is listening to your target audience and engage, so you know what they want and what they think of you. Facebook and LinkedIn are both opt-in systems so if used properly they can become your most targeted audience. Since Google’s acquisition of YouTube video has become more important to organic SEO.

3. Develop Back Links

Links back to your site on other high-ranking sites will improve your page rank. Publish interesting, relevant, and regularly active blog and make sure people know about it.  The more people that link to it the better so be sure to share it on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, LinkedIn Groups, etc. Read other peoples blogs and articles and post comments.  Most systems will ask for your web address so this is a great opportunity to share your wisdom, and link, with other audiences.  Who knows, if they like what you have to say they might become your audience.

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