Penguin Update 3.0

penguin 3.0, milkshake-factory.comGoogle’s latest Penguin algorithm rolled out on October 5th, 2012 affecting a surprisingly small number of SERPs. Penguin is by no means the only update happening recently, and it’s possible that any changes seen in website traffic around this time could have been attributed to the Exact Match Domain (EMD) update on September 28th, the Google Image update on September 29th, or the most recent Panda rollout, which has been ongoing from September 27th through October 6th.

To determine whether your site was impacted by the most recent Penguin update, compare your traffic results from Saturday, October 6th to other Saturdays both before and after this Penguin update. Because the data refresh was announced and rolled out within a single day, any changes – whether positive or negative, it should have been immediately apparent.

If you experienced a decline in traffic, it’s possible that you were among the sites affected by this most recent update, hough if the decrease wasn’t significant, you’ll want to monitor your analytics to determine whether your drop was a fluke or something that can be tied to this recent Penguin refresh.

On the other hand, you may have also seen an improvement in your traffic stats as the result of consistent “clean-up” efforts after having suffered Penguin penalties in the past.

But whether or not your site was affected, stay on your toes. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact complete marketing solutions for a FREE no obligation quote.