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Find the latest business marketing and social media marketing news from across the globe. Read how other businesses are producing their campaigns, drawing in crowds, using social media and more.

Mortgage Choice Choice Knows The Feeling

Mortgage Choice, ‘Know the feeling’ campaign draws on the emotional comfort customers derive from having the right home loan for them, or the correct financial advice.

Cadbury Dairy Milk Joyville Delivers On Campaign

Cadbury Dairy Milk has released two new 15 second TVCs for its Joyville Special Delivery promotion where six lucky Australians have the opportunity to win what brings them joy, made completely out of Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate.

Bulla Dairy Foods Dollop Of Happy Happy Website Community

This website has revolutionised the way Bulla communicate to consumers, creating a space where our brand, Ambassadors and consumers can engage and inspire each other, while welcoming new consumers to the brand.

Coke Zero Gives You More Edgier Campaign

The aim of the Coca-Cola Zero campaign, which launched during the Australian Open Men’s tennis final, is to defeat the idea that ‘zero’ equals nothing.

Bulmers Original Irish Cider Brings Artistic Flair

A time honoured tradition that is part of its authentic heritage, has launched a new print and outdoor campaign featuring artistic images of the streets of Britain.

Things Flow Better With Artline

Artline launched a new brand campaign for its pen maker. The work, created after an extensive review of the previous brand positioning, uses the tag line ‘Things flow better with Artline’.

Nissan Patrol Rides Beethoven’s Sound Wave

It is the first new Patrol in 15 years, with the online campaign showing the building of an off-road track based on the soundwave of the famous musical composition, Beethoven.

Lipton Ice Tea Pool Party With Virgin Cocktails

The campaign aims to bring to life the brand’s “enjoy irresponsibly” tagline.The spot was shot entirely in a swimming pool and incorporated tricky photography and set-ups, including weights to keep clothes and furniture in place and qualified scuba divers with regulators to help the actors with their breathing

Pacific Brands Bouncing Success

Fresh and fun campaign for Berlei and has been a great way to start the new year with women who make their New Year’s resolutions to look after their bodies.

New Innovation, Beaumont Tiles Launches Web App StylePad

Beaumont Tiles creates new web app allowing customers to research and collate their product choices in an online ‘StylePad’.

Virgin Money Launched New Travel Insurance Campaign

Virgin Money has launched a new Travel Insurance campaign. Virgin Travel Insurance adds to personal insurance offering car, life and income protection insurance.

The Stag Continues To Be Our Favourite TVC

Tooheys Extra Dry TVC featuring The Stag, continues to be an Aussie favourite. The Stag has been a part of the Tooheys brand symbol since 1869 and was last used in 2006 for Tooheys New, and continues to grow in popularity.

What Will Retro Packaging Bring This Summer

This summer, the Coca-Cola Company will be releasing a special edition retro-looking packaging for its Lift, Fanta and Sprite soft-drink brands.

Wonderful Pistachios in Australia

Californian-based snack brand Wonderful Pistachios has launched their product in Australia with a series of TVC. Four TV ads featuring cameo appearances demonstrates how the characters “Get Crackin’”.

Mango Mess-Tival

Celebrating summer and the peak of the mango season, thousands descended on Bondi Beach to see Nipper life-savers compete in a series of mango-centred challenges.

World’s Most Admired Brands

Every industry has its leaders and social marketing is no exception. Find out who ranked top favoured brands voted by Marketers and find out what we can learn from these global brands.

Bing Accuses Google Favouring Product-Listing-Ads

Bing’s new Gorilla Marketing “Scroogled” accuses Google of spoiling Christmas for consumers and retailers by favouring the Pay-For-Play Product Listing Ads (PLAs) in results.

How Did Virgin Blue Rebrand?

A new business strategy was announced to ‘re-define the Virgin Airlines brand in Australia’ in direct challenge to Qantas.

Should Facebook Buy An Advertising Agency?

Is Facebook planning to acquire an ad agency in the near future? You might think so after reading the most recent article from Facebook law firm BakerHostetler.

The Top 20 Social Brands In the World

The most powerful brands in the world are ranked to see who takes title in the most powerful social business. Most of the businesses seen in the list are not a surprise but as a small business, we can learn something from these giants.

Scavenger Hunt For Bupa On Facebook

Bupa launched new Facebook campaign called ‘Find A Healthier You.’ The campaign takes people on a journey across their Facebook page, clues are provided to those that participate, before finishing up on an entry form.

PayPal Playing Kris Kringle Using Instakringle

PayPal is playing Kris Kringle this Christmas, launching a new site Instakringle in a bid to make the office Kris Kringle buying headache a breeze.

Lego Goes Digital With New Lego Bricks

Lego has launched a new iPhone app that lets users bring their Lego bricks to life on screen. The PlayMaker app has been launched as part of the Lego Festival of Play, which is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Lego’s arrival in Australia.

Fanta’s Unbottle The Fun Facebook Campaign Funstigator

Fanta is kick-starting the summer fun with a Facebook campaign to call on Aussie fans to add some spontaneity to their lives.

Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love For You Milkshake Giant Farmers Union

Milkshake giant Farmers Union has launched a new branding campaign for popular product Iced Coffee.

Ardbeg Campaign Taking Galileo Into Space

Ardbeg, the popular Scottish distillery, is taking Galileo to unprecedented heights with a world-first space experiment.

Havaianas Celebrates 50th Anniversary

Havaianas, the rubber thong brand, have become a staple in the Australian lifestyle. As part of the 50th anniversary celebrations, Havianas are trying to get the word ‘Havaianas’ in the dictionary as part of a new campaign.

Virtual Pillow Flight Campaign With Accor Hotel Ibis

Ibis has created a clever Facebook application, Ibis Pillow Fight Party, to allow fans to throw virtual pillows at their friends to earn points for the chance to win hotel stays.

Animals Australia Captures Audience

Animals Australia new campaign, “Make It Possible,” calls on Australians to strive for ethical standards around the treatment of animals.

Wrigley’s Eclipse Chewy Mints, Chew Your Way To Fresh

Wrigley’s turns an under-the-weather couple “fresher” in a new TVC for its Eclipse Chewy Mints, titled ‘Chew Your Way to Fresh.’

Victa Celebrate 60 Years

Garden care brand Victa, is celebrating 60 years and launching a new integrated marketing campaign  ‘understanding Aussies and their backyard’ with a new tagline  “Altogether better”.

Sensis, Don’t Say It, Text It

As Telstra’s phone concierge service promotes its SMS service offerings, a new advertising campaign has been launched for Sensis 1234, playing on the notion that some things are best not said aloud, “Don’t say it text it.”

Hamper King’s New Direction This Christmas

This Christmas Hamper King is doing things a little different than ever before, a refreshing new TVC campaign. The new TV campaign gives Hamper King a great Christmas feel about it, and confidence it will strike an emotional chord with their target audience

Whiskas Celebrate Bring You Home To Life

Whiskas celebrate the launch its new campaign, Bring your home to life,” encouraging responsible kitten ownership. In support of PetRescue, Whiskas will build a custom home for a number of kittens, transforming Martin Place into ‘Kitten Place.

Shine Lawyers Right Wrong

Australian national law firm Shine Lawyers, has launched a new brand campaign featuring legal legend Erin Brokovich, titled “I won’t give in” with tagline “right wrong”.

Mount Franklin New Message Campaign

Mount Franklin is continuing to raise money through its pink lids campaign for McGrath Breast Care Nurses.

CHOP: Lamb’s New Fashion Campaign

The Meat and Livestock Australia has done well in their Lamb campaigns. The latest campaign for lamb blends the food and fashion worlds in a “collamboration.”

Australia’s Best Memories Captured By Lego

Australia’s best memories of the last 50 years have been captured by Lego as part of the Festival of Play, and are now on display on the Lego Festival website.

Intel’s New Alignment With Magician

Intel has aligned itself with magician David Blaine in a new live stunt to be held in New York City, Pier 54.

Rhonda Returns From Her Holiday, Another Success For AAMI

AAMI’s new ‘Rhonda’ ad became the talk of the social media town after it was rolled out at last weekend’s AFL grand final.

New Energy Retailer Click Energy New Targeted Campaign

Online energy retailer Click Energy has launched a new campaign to heavily promote it’s price competitiveness.

New Positioning Strategy For Etihad

Middle East-based airline Etihad has unveiled its new brand positioning strategy.

Revlon Launches Bump App

Revlon’s Melbourne Marketing campaign for its new lip butter features a new bump app allowing person-to-person sampling designed to spread word-of-mouth.

Cannon Partnership With Tourism NT

Tourism NT has partnered with camera maker Canon Australia for an Australian marketing campaign to promote the territory through photography.

Twinings Effective Marketing Campaign

Twinings has launched a new campaign challenging the notion of ‘saving things for a rainy day’ by encouraging consumers to treat themselves to their favourite things everyday.

New Vline Camapaign

Victoria’s regional train operator V/Line is leveraging the power of guilt in a new campaign targeting the visiting friends and family segment.

New Coke Bottle Marketing

Coca-Cola has launched a limited edition Coca-Cola aluminium bottle featuring a commemorative London 2012 Olympic Games design.

Turn Personal Tweets Into Music

The Beat Suite Tweets website takes consumers personal tweets and turns them into music.

Interactive McDonalds Launches Loose Change Menu

McDonald’s is set to transform some of its restaurants into a virtual reality arena where gamers will play against Ronald McDonald and the Hamburglar in a set of scenarios.

Smith’s Expensive Campaign

Smiths is spending $4.5m to launch the new campaign for its Extra Crunchy range, staring actor Stephen Curry.

Ford’s Social Media Melbourne Campaign

Deadly secretions, aphrodisiacs and a talking cane toad getting splattered across the road mark a “seriously different” new social media marketing Melbourne ad for the Ford Falcon EcoBoost.

Cadbury Sequel Ad Campaign Giving Even More Joy 

Cadbury has launched the second spot in its new ‘Joyville’ campaign, this time spruiking the new Marvellous Creations chocolate block.

Casino First TV Ad, Successful?

Sydney’s casino The Star has released its first television ad of its ‘There will be stories’ campaign.

Hungry Jacks Launches Mini Burgers

Hungry Jack’s has launched Australia’s smallest fast food burger in an attempt to diversify and expand its menu offering.

Ford’s New Product Placement

Ford will be unveiling a new vehicle Ford Escape early May through a prime-time TV show.

Spotify’s Deal With Coke

Spotify has signed a strategic partnership with Coca-Cola, and will provide a brand app for the beverage giant inside the Spotify desktop app.

New Cola War – Social Media Style

The cola wars are escalating on the social-media front with aggressive social media marketing.

Toilet Brand First Campaign on Pinterest

Kimberly-Clark has jumped on the bandwagon of rising popular social medium Pinterest.

Magnum’s Facial Recognition Billboard

Magnum new cutting edge campaign, with facial recognition billboard is being employed in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

Count Down Til Happy Hour Schweppes

Schweppes has launched a controversial business marketing Melbourne campaign using rotating digital panels which count down to the start of cocktail hour.

Colgate Design It Toothbrush

Colgate is asking children to design their own virtual toothbrushes as part of a business marketing Melbourne competition promoting the new Colgate Design-it toothbrush.

Cadbury Joyville Campaign

The new Dairy Milk business marketing Melbourne campaign shows residents of Joyville making the chocolate, which has the secret ingredient of joy, using the brands purple identity throughout the commercial.

Schwarzkopf Search For Hair

Schwarzkopf launch its third annual business marketing Melbourne campaign ‘Schwarzkopf Search for Australia’s Most Beautiful Hair’.

Kleenex Sharing The Softness

Kimberly-Clark new Facebook campaign, “Share The Softness” is offering consumers free sample tissue boxes to friends.

Grove Juice Rebranding Strategy

“Naturally Different” is the tagline that Grove Juice uses for its fruit juice and that was the essence of the rebranding that the new label design needed to capture.

Telstra Rebranding Strategy

After so many years of the tiresome blue and orange colour design, Telstra was in search for a new identity that catered the diversity of its products, services and customers.

New La Trobe Uni Strategy

La Trobe had earned a reputation as one of Victoria’s leading teaching and research universities.

Tim Tams Grows On Trees

Australia’s iconic biscuits, Arnott’s Tim Tam, are now growing on trees, as seen today in Sydney’s Martin Place.

Gillette Sponsor Mandatory, New AOL site

AOL has launched its first site aimed at men’s consumer lifestyles.

New Drive Thru Strategy For Starbucks

Starbucks is extending its mobile payment capabilities to customers that like to use the drive thru.

Wrigley’s New Awareness Video

Wrigley’s Orbit gum is focusing on it’s digital marketing strategies to include mobile video ads running inside E!’s iPhone app. It also includes mobile polls, social media and participation in a sweepstakes.

LinkedIn New Ad Targeting Tools

LinkedIn has launched LinkedIn Ads, which allows marketers to create and place ads on the site.  However, LinkedIn has stepped up its functionality with the addition of tools that let marketers specify who should see the ad.

Google’s New Indoor Maps

Google launched Indoor Maps and Floor Plans for Android, a tool for business owners to upload the floor plans for their venue and have them appear in Google Maps for Android.

Google Tap April Fools Campaign

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Coke’s Strategy In Drawing Crowds At The Olympics

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Cotton On Be Ready For Backlash

Cotton On provoked negative media coverage for the colourful language used on its Christmas cards…Read More

Kinder Bueno Try Me Free Campaign

Kinder Bueno chocolate will include 5.5 million chocolate bars in the promotion to help drive consumer awareness and demand…Read More

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