Bulla Dairy Foods Dollop Of Happy Happy Website Community

Bulla Cream DollopBulla Dairy Foods has unleashed a new website called the Dollop of Happy. Dollop of Happy website and phone app will act as a community platform where the newly crowned Bulla Cream Team will provide social fuel for home cooks Australia-wide.

Bulla’s research has shown that deciding what to cook everyday is a big dilemma for consumers and believe Dollop of Happy will solve this problem for the community – sending out mobile messages with ideas of what to cook each night.

This website has revolutionised the way Bulla communicate to consumers, creating a space where our brand, Ambassadors and consumers can engage and inspire each other, while welcoming new consumers to the brand.

The responsive design into both the Dollop of Happy website and phone app, as well as having three everyday Australians as the site’s community managers, will enable users to interact easily from their desktop, tablet and mobile, with apps for both Android and iOS

The ‘Cream Team’ includes of George Calmobaris as ambassador for Bulla Cream along with three foodies who were found through a national search.