Coke Zero Gives You More, An Edgier Campaign

Instead of focusing on what is absent from Coca-Cola’s sugar-free beverage, Coke Zero, the new marketing campaign promotes what a ‘0’ can add.

The aim of the Coca-Cola Zero campaign, which launched during the Australian Open Men’s tennis final, is to defeat the idea that ‘zero’ equals nothing. The campaign aims to show that adding 0 gives you more; 1 idea to 10 ideas, 10 mates to 100 mates, 100 possibilities to 1000 possibilities. Perhaps this is the start of Coca-Cola 2020 Content Marketing plan.

Coke Zero is a modern cola icon, which warrants an edgier and sexier campaign, above and beyond its established ‘zero sugar’ positioning. The campaign is a brand manifesto film, shot in Buenos Aires. The TV Ad brings the aspirational and shared possibilities of the Coke Zero brand to life in a powerful cinematic experience.

Coke Zero, Content Marketing 2020