New Cola War – Social Media Style

Cola Wars, Marketing Strategy, IT Project ManagementThe cola wars are escalating on the social-media front with aggressive social media marketing. With its launch today of Pepsi Pulse, a pop culture destination on, they are all over Facebook, Twitter and other social sites such as Pinterest.

Rival Coca-Cola is partnering with social-music site Spotify to add fizz to its own online presence. Spotify’s music-streaming player will be integrated into Coke’s 41-million strong Facebook page. Also in the works: a Coke app on Spotify’s service.

Pepsi and Coke are among a multitude of companies buying into social media’s ability to strengthen their brands. Ads in TV and print remain part of their plans, but both are looking for more interactive engagement with consumers.

Pepsi has enlisted social-media optimization company SocialFlow to do the real-time analysis of pop culture conversations on Twitter, Facebook and other sites. Use of the Twitter hashtags “#LiveForNow” and “#Now” would reflect Pepsi’s new “Live for Now” campaign theme. Its findings will be used to create the pop culture ranking. Consumers can find the ranking on Pepsi Pulse, along with current pop culture coverage and stories that are generating buzz.

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