Tim Tam’s Grows On Trees

Tim Tam, Marketing Strategy, IT Project ManagementAustralia’s iconic biscuits, Arnott’s Tim Tam, are now growing on trees, as seen today in Sydney’s Martin Place. The brand is filming its new  television commercial, ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam’ campaign which has strong tie-ins with social media, and will be airing Sunday, 20th May

The idea for the Tim Tam laden tree ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam Orchard’ came from the chocolate biscuit’s Facebook fan base.

More than 30,000 Tim Tam biscuits can be plucked from the ‘Truly, Madly Tim Tam Orchard’ until 7pm tonight.

Update: As at 3.30pm 100,000 Tim Tams had been given away at Martin Place.

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