Top Brands Effectively Using Social Media

The most powerful brands in the world are ranked to see who takes title in the most powerful social business. Most of the businesses seen in the list are not a surprise but as a small business, we can learn something from these giants.

These companies are setting aside large portions of their marketing budgets to participate in social marketing. They are doing so because they are developing and implementing smart strategies. They are tracking their results and they are seeing the return on their investment in this form of marketing.

Nike Social Media, milkshake-factory1. Viacom National Amusements – media

2. The Walt Disney Company – media

3. News Corporation – media

4. Zynga – entertainment and games software

5. NBC Universal – radio broadcasting and programing

6. Google – internet search and navigation services

7. Nike – footware manufacturing

8. Time Warner – media

9. Unilever – seasoning and dressing manufacturing

10. NBA – professional sports teams and organisations

11. Microsoft – development tools, operating systems and utilities softwareNestle Social Media, milkshake-factory

12. Coca-cola – soft drink manufacturing

13. P&G – personal care products manufacturing

14. Kraft – food manufacturing

15. WWE – arts entertainment

16. Nestle – dairy products manufacturing

17. Discovery – TV broadcast and cable networks

18. Loreal – personal care products manufacturing

19. Samsung Electronics – memory chip and module manufacturing

20. Electronic Arts – personal care products manufacturing

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