What Will Retro Packaging Bring This Summer

Coca-Cola Company Releases Retro PackagingThis summer, the Coca-Cola Company will be releasing a special edition retro-looking packaging for its Lift, Fanta and Sprite soft-drink brands.

In addition to the new retro packaging, the Mello Yello drink will make a comeback after 30 years. Mello Yello will sport its 1980’s logo, Lift channels the 90s, Fanta the 80s and Sprite the 70s. The idea of the limited edition retro packaging, is the hope to drive sales volume and consumer engagement.

This summer, Aussies both young and young at heart can experience a throwback to the age of endless summers, stubbies, big hair and big collars. Flavours will bring the family together, as Mums and Dads reminisce while their teens get to discover something new.

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