Wrigley’s New Awareness Video

Wrigley's Orbit, Marketing Strategy, IT Project ManagementWrigley’s Orbit gum is focusing on it’s digital marketing strategies to include mobile video ads running inside E!’s iPhone app. It also includes mobile polls, social media and participation in a sweepstakes.

Orbit’s mobile ads are part of the company’s broader “Eat, drink, chew” campaign that encourages consumers to chew a piece of gum after every meal. The video features a woman who is stuck in an elevator with bad breath until a pack of Orbit gum appears to help her freshen up.

Not only does the mobile site let consumers know about the sweepstakes, it also helps Orbit bolster its social media strategy and possibly build its email and SMS databases.

Mobile video ads are considered to be immersive than other video ads and effectively build brand awareness.

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