Running Photo Competitions On Instagram

instagram photo competitionInstagram is a great tool to launch photo competitions. With over 100 million people that have Instagram installed on their mobile devices, it’s never been easier to engage your audience in participative campaigns; however, maximising the return on your campaign efforts requires you to think through and plan your execution to create value for your brand as well as your audience. Photo competitions are a great way to engage your target audience and create a memorable experience for your fans. However, maximizing engagement and growing your audience requires some planning. Before you launch your photo competition on Instagram, take into consideration the following and you’ll be better prepared to run a successful campaign:

1. Choose The Right Hashtag

Your fans need a way to submit photos and picking the right Instagram hashtag to promote as part of your contest is critical. When selecting your competition hashtag, you need to consider whether the hashtag is simple to remember and can be brandable? While you can’t really ‘own’ a hashtag on Instagram, or any social network for that matter, take some time to choose a hashtag that is not likely to be used by anyone else. Just remember that you’re asking your fans to type it into their mobile devices each time they snap a photo to participate.

2. Choose An Appropriate Theme For Your Photo Competition

While you want your contest to be brand relevant, you also want to consider your current reach, the prize you’re giving away, and the ease or difficulty of participating. The less constraints you put around your photo contests, the more varied the submissions you’ll receive and, generally speaking, the greater number of submissions you’ll receive. It’s really about what your objectives are as a brand and the goal of your campaign. Finding a balance will be directly tied the brand you’re promoting.

3. Plan Ahead To Share Your Fan Photos

While many brands are beginning to use Instagram for photo competitions, we’ve seen many competitions fall short and miss the opportunity to share fan photos through a brands own social networks. When your audience goes out of their way to snap a photo for your brand, sharing their submissions with your wider audience makes your fans feel rewarded for participating and, it helps promote your campaign and increase participation.

4. Engage Your Audience

If you’re running a competition on Instagram, make sure you’re engaging with fans directly through Instagram. In addition to sharing fan photos through your brands’ social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, don’t forget to like and comment on fan submissions through Instagram and even follow users back. The great thing about using a visual platform like Instagram is that it allows you to really personalise and tailor your comments on fan submissions.

5. Make Your Competition Open For All

If you want to truly give your fans a memorable brand experience, give your competition a place to live online where fans can view other fan submissions as well as their own.

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