Targeted Content Marketing

Content Strategy

Every small business owner craves a revenue generating website.  And yet, more often than not, websites are limited by static content that reflects poorly on the business, its brand, products and services.

A content marketing strategy will enhance customer engagement, improve SEO, increase web traffic and bolster brand reputation. Milkshake-factory content strategists help small businesses identify what their customers are searching for most frequently. We also conduct an in-depth competitive analysis of your closest competitors to see where they might be stealing market share. We then work with you to design a plan to create content that captures potential consumers when they enter the consideration funnel and transactional content that captures them just before they click to buy.

Content Creation

Milkshake-factory optimises content for quality, readability and search performance as it is created.


Website Copywriting is an essential component of a successful website. To ensure your website commands attention and creates a sense of urgency amongst your target market, web copywriting combines compelling, persuasive language with keyword formulas and search engine optimisation techniques. Professionally written copy is designed and formatted to persuade your customers to act without delay. Via clear and fluent content that effectively communicates your sales message and a strong search engine ranking, Milkshake-factory professional web copywriting services can propel your readers to the point of action. Professional web copywriting is more than simply providing written content. To fulfill its purpose of attracting quality leads and sales, your website must include clear and fluent web copy that:

– Captures and commands attention

– Effectively communicates your sales message

– Is compelling and persuasive, making your offering sound irresistible

– Speaks directly to your target audience

– Includes sufficient calls to action

– Creates urgency and motivates your customers to act without delay

– Contains sufficient keyword strings and search engine food

– Collaborates with other technical factors to attain top search engine rankings

Press Release

It is a commitment of Milkshake-factory in developing a consistent message and image that best suits our clients. Milkshake-factory understands that it is sometimes difficult for the average person to create an effective and news-worthy press release. Sometimes it takes specialist skills to draw out a news worthy press release that still manages to promote your business. Milkshake-factory takes your basic Who, What, When, Where and Why information and work with you to craft a news release that has:

– A news-worthy angle,

– A powerful headline,

– Correct construction, and

– Crisp and clear expression.

If your press releases are suffering from “sales pitch syndrome” we will upgrade it into an acceptable news item with a much improved likelihood of publication. When the approach has been agreed and any additional information that is required has been supplied, your writer will create a draft release for your approval. You will either approve the draft or notify your writer of any changes you need. The final version will be emailed to you, ready for distribution.


Business blogging makes an effective search engine optimisation strategy for generating traffic. Combined with social media, blog services talk directly to your customers and prospects without editorial filters. Milkshake-factory understands that blogs take a lot of time to write, edit and promote, so we aim to do all the running around and interview key staff members, research, source, write, post and promote articles for your blogs. Our copywriters are search engine friendly.

Tracking and Optimisation

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. We track content performance and deliver detailed analytics to you about what content types, topics, writers, and individual content items perform best for you. Our content strategists help you optimize your program every month, enabling you to acquire more natural search and social traffic over time. Milkshake-factory aim to present our clients in a professional manner which communicates directly with their clients. Schedule a free, no obligation consultation, Contact Us today.