Social Media Marketing Strategy

Social Media Marketing

When someone lands on your Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page, you want them to get a feel for your business’ personality and brand. After all, people are more likely to buy from people rather than faceless corporations.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn Pages

  • Custom design of profile and banners
  • Call to action to “Like” or “Follow” your page
  • A contact or opt-in form
  • Content and images
  • Embedded YouTube video
  • “Unlock Hidden Content” function

Now that you have your social accounts active, it’s time to get them in front of your target market. We will coordinate creative and engaging campaigns that entice your fans to begin interacting with your brand.

Milkshake-factory will research and monitor what people are saying about your brand, then devise content strategies that engage your fans while meeting your business goals and objectives.

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine advertising with Google Adwords gives you the flexibility of targeting niche segments or promotional periods without having to adjust your whole marketing strategy.

It’s also the perfect platform from which to target non-core market segments, drive traffic to new products and service offerings, capture seasonal demand fluctuations and generally catering to any need for highly targeted, flexible advertising.

With the right combination of optimum keyword selection and compelling advertising copy, Milkshake-factory can help you generate qualified leads for your business.

Anyone can get some return on investment from Google Adwords but it’s associated popularity has given rise to fierce competition. With potentially hundreds of online advertisers in your industry competing with you, the complexity of researching and selecting optimal keywords, the escalating need for writing great ad copy, landing page development, analysing performance and fine tuning your campaign, has become a highly specialised process. All this whilst keeping a watchful eye on achieving higher returns on investment.

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