Website Evaluation, Design and Development

Website Design & Development

Need a website? Website design is not just about aesthetics, it’s about communicating powerful messages from your organisation effectively.

Milkshake-factory works closely with each client, from consultation to implementation, ensuring the client’s specific needs are met and the most appropriate, tailored solution is achieved.

We take special care for customised websites by doing the following:

  • Analysis: Analyse the competition and target market behaviour to deliver the most appropriate technical solution possible.
  • Strategy: We works closely with its clients to develop, co-ordinate and implement the most appropriate strategy to suit your business.
  • Architecture: Milkshake-factory designs a blue-print or template for your website’s structure, layout, functionality, and back-end systems
  • Creation: Through the use of programming languages and HTML tools, Milkshake-factory creates the structure, design and functional layout of your brand-new website.
  • Implementation: The launch of your new site to our state of the art, secure server environment and links the website to the domain information online.
  • Positioning: Milkshake-factory aims to position your website in major search engines for maximum exposure to your target market and, as a direct result, increased profitability.
  • Monitoring: We monitor your website and the target market, and implements relevant changes where necessary.

Website Evaluation

Have an existing website and need a new one? Milkshake-factory is offering a Website Evaluation service that will give you recommendations on improvements and direction to drastically increase the number of visitors to your site.

The evaluation will provide your business with some observations on your current website, to help reach the organisational goals. The evaluation will focus on building traffic. You’ll receive advice for increasing traffic through simple changes to your website, as well as a more detailed guide for generating traffic through Social Media Marketing. The approach taken with the evaluation is very practical and personal. The focus will be on providing solutions that you can implement right away.

The evaluation will provide you direction towards achieving greater results with your website.

  • Increased visitors, subscribers, and influence. Our recommendations given will be specific and customised to align with your goals and the approach to market.
  • A more successful, profitable website. Getting more exposure and more visitors to your site will help you to take the necessary steps towards a stronger and more successful website.
  • A personalised approach. Your evaluation will begin with some simple questions to understand more about you and your website so that the entire process can be personalised in a way that will help you the most. No two websites are the same, and the advice you get will be specific to your situation.

Platform Hosting

Web hosting is the housing, serving, and maintaining your website files. Usually the main criteria to take into consideration when selecting a hosting partner such as Milkshake-factory are:

  • Current and forecasted website traffic volumes
  • Functionalities available on your website
  • Security requirements

Search Engine Optimisation

Content and landing pages form the SEO building blocks of the site, a thorough review of the current content offering in-line with the keyword strategy formulated. Once the landing pages are in place, we can then look at managing fresh content through the site in blogs or news. We are very strategic in our approach to:

  • Volume of traffic for keywords
    • Overall traffic
    • Brand vs Generic
    • Time on site / Bounce Rate
    • Entry and Exit Points
  • Relevance to the site and offering
    • Keyword Positions in Google
    • Number of Keywords ranking in top 10, top 50 etc.
  • Conversion performance for keywords
    • Time on site
    • Entry and Exit Points
- Conversion Rates
    • Identifying Bottlenecks on the site
    • Testing Iconography
  • Checking the site metrics performance
    • Organic keyword rankings
    • Search volume of target keywords
    • Traffic from target keywords
    • Domain metrics such as Page Rank, indexed pages, number of backlinks, Alexa
    • Overall organic traffic
    • Engagement metrics and conversions from organic traffic (identified at the keyword level for main traffic drivers)
    • Branded vs. non-branded organic traffic
    • Monthly and campaign differences on each metric above
  • Link building research and implementation
    • On page content
    • Anchor text
    • Meta Tags
    • Link Destination

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