Small Business Digital Marketing Trends For 2013

Change is happening fast and in many different dimensions. Falling too far behind could ultimately be disastrous. Owners and manager should have an understanding of how social and digital technologies work. Lacking that understanding can be viewed as irresponsible. Manager who don’t see value in pursuing opportunities presented by new technologies, must still be prepared to manage the unavoidable challenges and risks. Small business owners and manager can gain a lot of insight in these upcoming digital marketing trends:

  • digital marketing trends for small business ownersSocial media platforms may have reached maturity, however there is still significant opportunity with respect to growth. Small social media platform players are emerging, essentially favouring search engines
  • Adoption of technology and application may happen fast in the individual consumer space, but they will eventually reach and spread throughout organizations.
  • New technologies as well applications will continue to be developed and enhanced.
  • There is a convergence among technology movements. Individually, each one of these movements is incredibly powerful. Together, they have the potential to create dramatic transformations.
    • social software,
    • mobile devices and access,
    • cloud and network computing, and
    • data analytics.
  • The Digital Divide is increasingly being defined by lack of knowledge and use rather than lack of access. Professionals at all levels and at all career stages who are socially savvy and digitally engaged will reap both direct and indirect rewards, especially as the differences between them and their less-savvy peers grow. Being a “digital dinosaur” is a luxury few people can afford.
  • Individuals and organizations should no longer assume that an LIY (Learn It Yourself) approach to developing digital competencies is an effective strategy. People need help to climb their learning curves efficiently and effectively and providing that help in both structured and unstructured ways is a critical investment that will pay dividends in both the short term and over time. We have to stop thinking about technology education and training as an (unnecessary) expense.

(Source: Syracuse digital marketing services).

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