Small Business Ideas With Marketing Trends Predicted In 2013

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In 2013, the emerging trends will focus on how to measure, analyse, and engage audiences effectively on social networks. Below are a few trends we should expect in the coming year.

1. Audience Location

Finding your audience is the most critical step, it is also the most difficult because users move from platform to platform and find new content quickly. Deploy strategies that allow you to monitor viral video, micro-blogging, blogs, e-commerce, image sharing, and social media sites. While this process may seem laborious, a good monitoring tool will help you keep regular snapshots of where your audience is and what they’re talking about.

2. Site Analysis

The way you engage with a particular site is just as important as finding the right site in the first place. If it is a social media site, then deploying banner ads would be a waste of resources since most users are completely focused on the content their friends share and oblivious to the edges of the page. This is also apparent on mobile platforms where users rarely click on ads.  Reaching users on social sites often means having meaningful content or offers that can be included within the course of existing conversations.

3. Multi-platform

Becoming a part of the conversation cultivates community and helps you to reach more people in the right places. Those who spend their money on banner ads will find the messages stuck on computer screens while the companies who allocate some of their budget on figuring out how to become part of the conversation will find their brand being taken wherever their consumers go.  Think like your audience and become part of the conversation, you will have more opportunities to align your message with the right targets and influencers.

4. Influencers

On any social media site there are a handful of influencers that help shape a brand’s image or keep a specific topic alive and relevant. These influencers break through the clutter and chatter because their audience trusts and respects their opinions. Once you’ve identified your influencers on the channels important to your brand, reach out to them and you’ll be more effective in fostering discussion.

5. Measurement

Measurement is a vital part of every campaign as metrics determine the effectiveness of the campaign and outline steps and strategies moving forward. This task may seem more difficult in social media, but by measuring mentions, types of discussion, segmentation by channel, and the sentiment around the conversation you have interesting data to show ROI.

As we move into 2013, social media outreach and analysis will continue to be an increasingly important component for making marketing campaigns successful, and should garner just as much time and preparation as traditional campaigns. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact for complete marketing solutions.