Small Business Instagram Tips

Attention small business owners, below are tips that you should consider on Instagram:

Small Business Instagram Tips

1. Understand what Instagram can do for your small business. Use Instagram to show that softer side of your business. When you apply Instagram filters and other effects to your photos, it instantly gives your images a softer side to your business.

2. Make your profile photo stand out. Although Instagram is primarily a mobile platform, each user now has a Web profile. Choose your image wisely. But before promoting you profile, remember to add an official Instagram badge to your Website and email newsletters.

3. Upload and filter existing photos. The current Web profile features a gallery of seven user photos. If you don’t feel motivated to go out and shoot seven photos, scroll through the photos you already have on your phone. Upload relevant ones to Instagram, add  filters, and share them with your new visitors. Once you begin to snap photos, be sure click the options that allow you to send your images directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or your other existing social channels.

4. Connect anywhere. Use a tool like Shortstack to create an Instagram tab on your Facebook page.

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