Small Businesses, Engage Me

Content Marketing Engage Me, Milkshake-factoryMany small businesses have a presence on social media platforms, but very few are have taken this opportunity seriously. There are even a greater number of businesses who continue to see Social Media as a fad, or are unable to grasp the opportunity due to either a lack of understanding of these platforms.

Social media has  ‘integrated’ into small businesses. This trend will be all about businesses using social media channels as a vehicle to communicate and collaborate and engage with the targeted audience online through social media channels.

It’s time for small businesses to interact with their audience. The consumer is now controls what information or content they would like to receive from small businesses. They are the ones that give you and your brand permission to interact with them. It’s no longer a one way street in terms of communication, where traditional marketing has been used over the years.

With the internet, mobile phones and social media, any business big or small, are now truly global and can service anyone that they engage with via social media. Smart small businesses will begin to realise that they need to rethink their strategy, realign their marketing mix and product offerings to effectively compete in a global marketplace. With this shift in thinking comes an understanding that social media is an important part of your marketing mix. If you have a product to sell or a service to market, social media can play a major part in getting your brand global.

Social media will provide endless opportunities for small businesses and will hopefully put an end to those dreaded emails that have become the biggest time consuming and some may say most unproductive activity in business today.

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