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Far from being a dead medium, newspapers are in fact still an integral part of our day. Newspaper readers are an engaged audience – leaning forward to read and turn pages, pulling out the sections that most interest them. Now they’re set to become even more engaged as technology bridges the gap between print and digital social media marketing.

In 2011, Fairfax Media launched an augmented reality feature on the RWC2011 mobile app. Last month saw Sydney Morning Herald launch AirLink, technology embedded into its app, which allows newspaper readers to wave their iPhones over the paper and get additional content. AirLink is embedded in both editorial and advertising within the print edition, creating a multi-dimensional experience for readers. Offering additional content, such as video, enhances the reader’s experience, allowing them to dig deeper into the news that interests them, then and there. Check the Australian Marketing magazine for an introductory video on AirLink. Turns out J K Rowling knew a thing or two when she invented The Daily Prophet in the Potterverse. Expect to see more of your newspapers come to life with augmented reality.

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