The Social Media Focus

The social media world is becoming more and more complex every day. It’s not uncommon to be inundated with Tweets, Facebook posts, LinkedIn updates throughout the day.

Those who are successful with social media marketing know how to keep focused. But what are the strategies for staying focused?

1. Goals. Write down goals and objectives. Each day, write down the top 3 – 5 things that you must complete to move you in the direction of your goals. Staying focus can be easier when you share the burden. Be open to working with others and holding your team accountable for specific goals and outcomes.

2. Noise.  You don’t have to unplug completely from Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest, but you should schedule time each day to login and interact.  When you establish times to engage, you’ll be much less reactive and more in control of your time.

3. Prioritise.  If you’ve created a list of tasks, you’re half way there.  The second step is to prioritize your list.  Start with the tasks that take the least amount of time to complete.  Are there a couple of tasks that you can knock out in a few minutes?  If so, get them done.  You’ll feel a great sense of accomplishment and have a shorter list to work from.

Being social media focused will become easier with time, goals and priorities. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact complete marketing solutions for a FREE no obligation quote.