Things To Avoid When Starting Business From Home

home business, milkshake factoryLaunching a business from home can provide tremendous flexibility and the kind of work-life balance that we all crave. But the reality is that home businesses bring their own set of challenges. Here are eight mistakes to avoid when starting a business from home:

Mistake 1. Failing To Create A Work Space

Set up one work space where you can set a professional tone for your business.

Mistake 2. Keeping A 24-7 Work Schedule

Working day and night is a recipe for burnout. You start to feel guilty that you’re not working, and there’s no disconnect. But this feeling will go away once you schedule your day, when you start, take a break and finish.

Mistake 3. Starting The Day Without A Plan

Create a schedule and stick to it. Rather than making to-do lists, enter tasks directly into your daily planner, which allows you to set a specific deadline for completing each task. Also, ensure that you leave unscheduled time in the day to deal with any unexpected issues that may crop up.

Mistake 4. Allowing For Interruptions

Without a boss breathing down your neck, it’s easy to take a phone call or two from family and friends. But when you’re constantly in an “interruption mode,” it hurts your business focus. To combat disruptions, schedule your day to include quite times when you don’t allow phone calls or email alerts. You also need to be careful about getting pulled too often into distracting chores like laundry or childcare. Remind family members and babysitters of your work hours and explain you’ll be answering only urgent requests.

Mistake 5. Letting Employees Abuse Your Home

You risk damage to your home if you don’t establish rules for how employees should behave there. Set employee expectations from the get go, that may be, taking their shoes off when walking on carpet, limiting eating areas, cleaning their own workspace at the end of the day.

Mistake 6. Getting Too Busy To Stay Organised

It is easy to succumb to disorganization when you are working in the same place that you live. Ensure you file papers away before they pile up. Keep your workspace brightly lit as this will motivate you to keep it clean.

Mistake 7. No Personal Contact With Your Clients

While it may seem easier to do everything virtually, that isn’t the best approach. Instead, take time away from your home office for face-to-face meetings that will help build your business.

Mistake 8. Depending Too Much On Loved Ones

Without coworkers around, you can easily fall into a habit of talking out your business problems with your family. But loved ones may get weary of talking about your business all the time. More concerning, they may provide advice that may harm your business in the long run because they don’t always understand your business. Instead, connect with others in your field to develop an informal network of advisors.

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