Timing of Facebook Posts Is Key

With social content, timing is critical. Hitting the target consumer at exactly the right time – when they are in the right mood to not only take in your content, but respond to it, is the goal.

You will need to test various time and days of the week and monitor likes, comments, and response score. First, test how posting activity by day of week. Then test the response by time of day. You may be challenged if your are targeting various audiences across different time zones. You could find reduced posting frequency by brands on the weekend and evening time periods reduces clutter, creating more opportunity for those that do post to catch a Fan’s attention. Finally, combine all non-business hours posts, including posts on weekends, evenings and holidays, and look at the response levels.

There are some general rules of thumb business marketing consultants can give to brands targeting a non-business audience:

  1. Do not only post in business hours
  2. Consider posting at least equally across the days of the week
  3. Consider the evening as at least an equal day part compared to the day time
  4. Take into account holidays and other cultural events
  5. Consider that your audience may be in multiple timezones

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