Tips To Making More Sales

At Milkshake-factory, we’ve worked with dozens of small businesses who have realized results with their marketing efforts. We know competition is fierce. If you are embarking on new marketing efforts and aren’t seeing the traction you need, embracing these tips will help change the course of your efforts.

1. A clear value proposition

A meaningful value proposition is the foundation of any solid marketing effort. It should be short, clear, and address your differentiation.

2. A deep understanding of your target customer

You want to understand, demographically and philosophically, what your target customer ‘looks’ like.

  • Size
  • Location
  • Industry
  • Qualified

But beyond that, you want to have a very deep sense of their pain points and business frustrations:

  • What questions or complaints do you hear repeatedly from your customers?
  • Do your products or services solve specific problems?
  • Are you filling an obvious gap and providing new value?

Knowing exactly what your target customer wants and needs allows you to reframe your B2B content marketing strategy from their point of view.

3. Allocated marketing budget

Marketing is expensive. Website design and development calls for specialized expertise. And any strategic content marketing effort requires the ongoing development of solid resources to fuel your blog and social media communications. But we’ve found that small businesses that prioritise marketing and allocate budgets preemptively ultimately realize the best results.

4. Planned out web presence

Your web presence should:

  • Enhance your brand
  • Engage stakeholders
  • Capture leads
  • Help to convert sales

Is your web presence set up to do these things? If not, you are simply not going to realise the same success with your marketing.

5. Accountability through analytics

You wont know if your marketing is working if you don’t have the right insights. Google analytics offers tremendous visibility, but too few organizations leverage these tools properly.

  • Where do your visitors come from? 
  • What calls to action are working for you?
  • What is your page rank?
  • Where is your traffic coming from?
  • What terms do people use to find you? 

What Next

At Milkshake-factory, we are on a mission to make your small business marketing hassle free. You will find a lot of articles on our blog that can help you gain insight in the world of digital marketing. We hope these are going to be useful to you and we also look forward to your feedback on what else would you like to learn to help you to grow your small business. Consider hiring Milkshake-factory, complete marketing solutions, for all your marketing needs, contact us for a FREE consultation.