Trusted Sources In Marketing

word of mouth, trust, IT project management, marketing strategyThe Nielsen Global Survey conducted between August 31 and September 16 2011 polled more than 28,000 online consumers in 56 countries found the vast majority of people (92%) trust word of mouth recommendations from friends and family above mainstream advertising.

Other forms of media, with figures representing the proportion of respondents, who find the source credible:

  • Owned media, such as company websites: 58%
  • Emails (that they consented to receive): 50%
  • Product placement in TV shows: 40%
  • Radio advertisements: 42%
  • Cinema advertising: 41%
  • Online video ads: 36%
  • Online banner ads: 33% (up from 26% in 2007)
  • Paid search results: 40% (up from 34% in 2007)
  • Sponsored ads on social networking sites: 36%
  • Video or banner ads on smartphones and tablets: 33%
  • Mobile phone text ads: 29% (an increase of 61% since 2007)

This highlights the opportunities and challenges brands face, especially retailers and consumer goods brands, and the reason review marketing strategies.

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