Viral Marketing Tactics For Small Businesses

Ever wondered how some videos or campaigns become so popular? The below tips should give you some insights into how exactly viral videos and social media campaigns go viral and how you as a small business owner can create a viral marketing campaign.

Viral Marketing Tactics, milkshake-factory

Tip 1. Create compelling content. If something is compelling enough, people will share it. Creating compelling content starts with understanding what compels your audience in the first place. Get to know your target audience, what triggers their emotions?

Tip 2. Keep your content simple.

Tip 3. Use eye-catching subject lines where applicable.

Tip 4. Enable simple buttons with recognizable icons of social media.

Tip 5. If you ever do an Infographic make sure you add a Pinterest button.

Tip 6. Facebook drives more traffic than any other social network, be smart in what you publish.

Tip 7. Understand how and what tools your target audience use to communicate your story. For instance Emails aren’t regularly used as a channel by teens, whereas Facebook and Twitter are regularly used as a communication channel.

Tip 8. Be mobile friendly, try to keep images at low kb download.

Tip 9. Be prepared for the traffic, ensure you have secured your infrastructure

Tip 10. Interview key people within your industry.

Tip 11. Target specific bloggers specifically. You can use tools such as GroupHigh, which aggregates over 10 million blogs and can target the blog content, Klout score per blog, and page rank per blog. From there, determine which blogs make sense for you to contact. Only contact the blogs that are relevant and most likely to pick up your pieces of content based on their readership, blog history, and niche.

Tip 12. Make it worthwhile bump up your coupon offering and your audience will have something worth sharing.

Tip 13. Make it available for a limited time – To motivate social media users to share, you must give a narrow window for the desired action to be performed. An expiration date is key to avoiding procrastination which is followed by inaction.

Tip 14. Post your content as an answer to question found on Yahoo! Answers and LinkedIn.

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