What Does 2012 Hold For Marketers

We have seen a shift in how we market and reach consumers. It’s important to realize what will work and what marketing methods are being left alone. This year there are five marketing methods and trends that I’ll be watching with a close eye.


Mobile Marketing

It is estimated that 250+ million Americans or 80% of the population carry mobile phones. Mobile applications will continue to be developed and smartphones and tablet PCs will remain a part of our daily lives. It’s no longer just about mobile access to email, messaging, calendars and websites. We will see more location based services, mobile gaming, applications, and event-based mobile marketing. If you are a marketer and you’ve not explored the avenue of mobile marketing, this is your year.


Social Marketing Integration

Companies began to take social media marketing seriously and because of that we saw social media explode as a marketing tool. This year we will begin to see companies heavily integrate social media into their overall marketing plan. We will see social media expand from a tool used primarily for customer service and brand management to being used to collect customer data and smarter marketing of products and services that those customer who are interested.


Digital Marketing

Customers are continuing to go online to search for information and then make their purchases online. It’s important to budget for digital marketing, as this is where the consumers are and right now. Digital marketing enables us to reach targeted audiences online, advertising costs are lower and they are easier to measure.


Consumer Value

In today’s economy, consumers are watching their pennies and because of this they will only spend on purchases that they consider to be of value. Consumers no longer purchase just because an item is on sale, rather they will justify every dollar spent. By outlining this trend, businesses should market the value of your product or service in order to get consumers to open their wallets, if there is no value, they simply will not purchase.


Customer Loyalty

Customers want to know they matter to your business. They evaluate now more than ever how they are treated, whether or not your business cares about their satisfaction. They realize that in tough economic times their loyalty to you could be the life or death of your business. This is the reason why they will go out of their way to spend their hard-earned dollars in your place of business only if your business has helped in creating loyalty by giving them extraordinary care.

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