What is Anchor Text & Why Is It Important?

Anchor text is a clickable link found on a website to another website, whereby the topic discussed is relevant to the redirected website. The more links that a website has to relevant content, the more likely the website will rank high within search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. This concept is referred to as Link Building. Link Building is an essential component of Search Engine Optimization. The more relevant links a website contains, the higher the search engine ranking position (SERP) becomes.

There are three major components in determining a link’s relevance.

anchor text1. Anchor Title

The anchor title is floats over the text and is described as where the link is pointing to in order for Google’s algorithm to adequately optimize the link.

2. Context Around The Link

The context around the link is important in search engine optimisation links in the upper part of the page are most effective if the visitor does not read the content. Most visitors only scan for highlights.

3. Anchor Text

The anchor text will improve SEO rankings when you build backlinks.

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