What is compound interest in small business marketing?

Compound interest in small business marketing means creating great content with the intention to get people coming back to your website.

Give your readers a good reason to come back to your website, read your latest posts and share your content. By having a schedule of posts in a month, you train your readers to regularly visit your site.

The quality of your content is important as it will drive authority in your niche which helps draw attention to you and your website. As you continue to build your authority your website stands a better chance of being recognised by others as important, resourceful and useful.

Another great aspect of developing regular content is in knowing that  some content will resonate with one part of your audience while another piece of content will resonate with a different part of the audience.

The more evergreen your content is the better you will be at repackaging it and reframing it for your audience. You can repackage your content into ebooks, email tips series, etc.

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Next Steps

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