What Is Facebook Voice?

Facebook Voice, Milkshake-factory.comIf you manage multiple Facebook pages, there’s a good chance that sometime you’ve accidentally posted something as one person while thinking you were someone else. It’s relatively common even for the most organized and careful social media peeps to switch identity to a page, then post somewhere later under the wrong name. Now, Facebook has “Voice”, a much easier way to toggle back and forth between pages.

Perhaps more importantly, those who have a large number of pages that they manage have felt the pain of having to constantly switch. This can be annoying, particularly when you find a piece of content that you want to share. Once you switch, you’re automatically taken to the page.

Facebook Voice reminds you of who you are posting as and allows you to switch while you’re on the page. The best part is that you’re not actually switching accounts; once you navigate away from the page, you’re back to being your own identity.