What Is Gamification, How Can It Help My Small Business Grow?

gamification, milkshake-factoryGamification is a marketing means to further engage consumers and deliver on the all important messages. While still in it’s infancy, pioneering brands are turning their attention to Gamification as an alternative to advertising to get their messages out. It’s been praised for its ability to help brands engaged with consumers on a deeper level and step the consumer through to purchase intent.

Below are examples of smart Gamification methods to help further engage with your target audience:

Jay-Z Decoded, Random House Publishing Group and Bing Search Engine

For the launch of Jay-Z’s memoir Decoded, Random House Publishing Group in partnership with Bing and headed by New York ad agency Droga5, launched using a very unique social media game that attracted global public engagement. Engaging the curiosity of customers, pre-released pages of the memoir were printed on various surfaces such as food wrappers, restaurant plates, billboards, cars, even to the silk lining of a Gucci jacket. Over 300 pages in 600 placements in 15 locations worldwide were hidden, for players to find, assemble and decode the book together online before its release date.The campaign aimed at the Jay-Z fan base as well as an audience not known for reading books interested in doing so.

Lynx, Fallen Angels at Victoria Station, London

Lynx constructed an interactive augmented reality game at Victoria Station in London in March 2011. Passengers were lured towards hotspots or advertising stuck on the floor of the station, which activated by sending a virtual angel to earth when someone stepped onto them. Participants could see themselves interact with the virtual angel on the a big screen overlooking the concourse.

Commonwealth Bank, Coinland

Commonwealth Bank has introduced Coinland, is a virtual world where children aged 5-10 years can learn about the benefits of earning, saving and investing money by undertaking a series of tasks, designed to help them develop financial literacy skills. Players create an avatar which represents them as they explore and interact in Coinland, as they complete tasks or jobs to earn and save coins. Players can then choose to save their coins by depositing them in the bank, or spend their coins on games and rewards.

There are many more great examples of Gamification marketing campaigns. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact Milkshake-factory.com for complete marketing solutions.