What is mobile marketing?

Mobile marketing, which is part of social media marketing or smm,mobile marketing, milkshake-factory, grow my business is anything that can be seen on mobile devices such as SMS or MMS text message subscription promotions, ads located within Apple and Android apps, QR codes deployed exclusively for smartphone users and more. Initially applied only to smartphones, the recent proliferation of tablet computers and netbooks has led to additional channels for the delivery of mobile marketing messages.

SMS/MMS Text Messaging

SMS and MMS subscriptions are the mobile equivalent of email marketing. Typically, you encourage someone to opt-in by asking them to text a code to a certain number, which gives you permission to follow up with them via text message.

In-App Advertisements

Many apps are offered for free through the Apple and Android app stores as long as the user agrees to sit through banner advertisements that appear throughout the app.

In-App Purchases

Consider In-App Purchases such as Groupon, which enables purchases of the deals within its group buying discount program to be completed via mobile app. Many other In-App Purchases make recommendations for stores and products based on the smartphone user’s proximity to their location (GPS smartphones).

QR Codes

QR codes can be used to share information, promotions or redirect users to websites when read with a QR code reader.

Consider the type of campaign you’re launching and evaluate the above mobile marketing techniques. Consider your target audience, who are they and what are their interests. Entering the promising world of mobile marketing should be done with the same level of caution that would be given to any new technology.

Keep in mind that these recommendations only scratch the surface in terms of mobile marketing. If this all sounds too complicated, consider hiring a Melbourne Marketer, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.