What Is Pinterest And Can I Make A Profit From It

Pinterest Blogs, Milkshake-factory.com, making moneyYou want to leverage the power of Pinterest to jump start your product sales. The Pinterest growth explosion really rocked the Internet. Blog posts now feature a “Pin It” button allowing your blog readers to pin your content themselves. Smart phone applications now abound for browsing pin boards on the go. It is truly amazing how fast and far this little website has come in the last year.

Pinterest consists of millions of people pinning interesting content to their profile. Each pin must have a picture or video attached to it. Each pin is shared with their followers for their viewing pleasure. Each follower gets the opportunity to “Like” the pin or “Re-Pin” the item to their own profile to share with their network. Your pins also go into a specific category for browsers looking for neat things for their own interests.


Product Listings are the most obvious way to make money with this social pin board. When you upload a pin, you get the opportunity to mark it as a product and enter a sales price. At the top of the main page, the navigation toolbar shows the categories and a “Gifts” option. Clicking the gifts shows price ranges for products. Your product shows in this section for people specifically browsing pin boards looking for items to purchase. They click on your item, go to your website and complete the sale on your website. Consider making blog post tutorials explaining how to do a service that you offer. At the bottom of the blog post, inform your reader you can do the process for them for a cheap price. Attach a photo of yourself performing the process. Upload the pin to your profile. Every pin creates a back link to your website. This increases your search engine rankings because this social media network does have authority and a high page rank. Simply by back linking your blog posts and products, you increase your traffic to your website and increase the possibility of generating sales. If you are looking for complete marketing solutions ideas, Australian freelancer or IT contracting Melbourne, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.