What Is SoMoLo And Why Is It Important To Small Businesses

SoMoLo is “Social, Mobile, Local”. SoMoLo is an accurate description of today’s consumer, and at the intersection of these three variables, Marketers can connect with consumers, presenting endless opportunity potential. If Marketers aren’t able to define or locate that sweet spot for their target, their marketing efforts will be disjointed, an uphill battle to increase ROI.

Nike’s marketing strategy embraces and executes SoMoLo effectively. Previously Nike has primarily used a strategy that could best be described as hero or worship. Nike would sign an endorsement deal with a top tier athlete such as Roger Federer and would focus on their products with a clear message such as “I use this product and so should you.”

As we know, there has been a significant shift from traditional hero marketing to a new age SoMoLo thinking. This was the beginning of a whole new marketing approach, one that focused on the digital and social space. It was a radical shift from hero to community.

Nike has introduced a new campaign #makeitcount, implementing an effective SoMoLo strategy. Nike has created a unique brand experience within their landing page. The focus is entirely on the consumer. The use of #makeitcount is a clever way to spark conversation in the social space, especially on Twitter. It is easy for consumers to share content with their friends on Twitter and Facebook. What’s important here is Nike not just saying “Like us” or “Follow us,” they are giving the consumer something to do, a message to share but not a controlled script, a concept. Seeding the conversation with a challenge is a very clever technique for drawing in consumers, especially influencers – something we can all learn from.

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Nike Make It Count