What Is The Difference Between Pinterest & Instagram?

Think of Pinterest as a tour of an amazing museum, and Instagram as your tour guide. In order to maximize your chances of user engagement, brand awareness and market feedback, it’s imperative to understand what messages and images should be broadcasted on both Pinterest and Instagram. These five methods should be considered when planning to post on both:

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1. Quality Images. Choose your best images and pin these to your board on Pinterest and let them be shared, or repinned, by your followers and your followers’ followers. Use a free Web browser-based tool like Pixlr to spruce up your images and increase your chances of being repined.

2. Quotes On Images. Users flock to Pinterest for inspiration on certain topics such as weddings, fitness etc. Encourage your fans to reach goals that are relevant to your brand by creating a quote in an image. Instagram is about telling stories and revealing an unknown side of something. Will an inspirational quote do that? Not so much — so keep these to use solely on Pinterest.

3. Office Photos. Did some enthusiastic co-worker take tons of pictures of your last office party or retreat? Add these to Instagram if they are not incriminating. Remember, Instagram is the tour guide, not the gallery (Pinterest).

4. Comments.  Instagram is currently much more of a conversational engine than Pinterest. In the description field of your post, ask your followers questions, even rhetorical ones, about the photo you’re about to post.

5. Hashtags. Hashtags are acceptable on both Pinterest and Instagram, but the quantity used on each platform varies. Limit your hashtags to 2 per image on Pinterest and 5 hashtags per image on Instagram.

If proper attention is paid to the unique use of Pinterest and Instagram, you’ll see better results in your marketing there. Consider hiring a Melbourne marketing expert for all your marketing needs, contact Milkshake-factory.com for complete marketing solutions.