What Makes Startups Succeed Or Fail?

Milkshake-factory.com, business marketing Melbourne, Social media marketing Melbourne, Complete marketing solutions, Marketing consultant MelbourneMore than 90% of startups fail, due primarily to self-destruction rather than competition. For the less than 10% of startups that do succeed, most encounter several near death experiences along the way.

Marketing Consultants in Melbourne believe that they can crack the code of innovation and turn entrepreneurship into a science if they had hard data rather than speculation of why startups succeed or fail.

Startups should consider free benchmarking services. (see “Free Benchmarking Services For Startups“) Some available benchmarking services make take 20 or so minutes to go through a series of questions, and in the end it spits out an analysis of how you are doing.

The benchmark is not perfect, it may even be flawed, but it is head and shoulders above what we have now – which is nothing – for giving Internet startups founders specific advice on best practices.

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