What Will 2013 Bring The World Of Digital?

what will 2013 bring the digital world, the social vacuum, milkshake-factoryIn this new “techonomy” world, the increasingly sophisticated, highly-connected and informed consumer expects more from brands. Consumers want personalisation, relevance, convenience, simplicity, and proximity. To stay competitive, brands need a new approach to consumer engagement and conversion. They need an integrated digital marketing strategy. How will your 2013 digital marketing strategy look like? Below is brief list of the top digital marketing trends predicted for 2013:

1. Further Mobile Growth

Over 800 million smartphones and tablets will be sold in 2013 alone. As more people access the Internet via mobile, a company’s online assets such as website, mobile website, social media platforms and online content will need to be aligned and compatible on all mobile devices of all shapes and sizes. As the rush to mobile continues, mobile-first marketing campaigns will become more prevalent.

2. Consumers Fully Embrace Social, Local, Mobile

As users fully integrate smartphones and tablets into their daily routine, they’ll use social on mobile while local. Local-use apps, user-generated reviews, and mobile wallets will complement this movement.

3. Social Platforms Integration

In 2013, even the Fortune 500 will have to get social. As people turn to social media to resolve customer service issues and inform purchases decision, brands will use social platforms to offer real-time interaction with prospects and customers. Niche trends like social search (Google+), social video (YouTube), social shopping (Pinterest), and social branding (LinkedIn) will continue their march to the mainstream.

4. Content Marketing

As consumers begin to realize the possibilities of social, local, mobile, they’ll come to demand ever-more personalised content. Brands will have to oblige by creating contextually-relevant content that speaks to the wants and needs of each segment of their target audience.

5. New Age Of SEO

As search engines like Google move to context-based algorithms that favor content over process, SEO will slowly morph into user-intent driven targeted discovery. The proliferation of specific-use social and mobile apps, socially-generated content such as user-generated reviews will upend the traditional search process, ushering in a new era of targeted discovery.

6. Video and Audio Marketing

Podcasts, audio-blogs, interactive video ads, video blogs, shoppable video, and social video productions that blur the line between advertising and content will all become part of the digital marketing mix in the coming year.

As these predicted trends underscore, the growing size and complexity of the digital marketing landscape necessitates an integrated approach. To stay competitive, you must form meaningful connections with the people who matter most: those who find value in your brand.

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