What’s Becoming Of Pinterest

Pinterest Blogs, Milkshake-factory.comPinterest is now ahead of both Linkedin and Google+, as measured by number of users, according to a new report from Experian. The driving factors of Pinterest’s success are noted to be:

1) Continuous involvement and constant updates


2) Self expression

Pins can highlight tastes and style all in one web page. The information conveyed about your business by your Pinterest profile is a leap ahead of the text based information that other social networks compile when it comes to actually capturing some essence of your business.


3) Social Feedback Loop

Pinterest has the ability to make things go viral quicker, as pins can turn into repines or likes which is rewarding enough to keep most users going. Communication is kept to a minimum and as a result users feel safe that they can broadcast content without fear of criticism.


4) Passive Creation

Pinterest rewards users with the feeling of being creative but does not require us to actually do much work.


5) Visual Engagement

Image and video on other networks like Facebook have always shown higher degrees of interaction then text status updates. Pinterest picks up on this important fact and the platform is basically just the visual element.


6) Great for Marketing

Pinterest makes it easy for marketers to get attention by posting compelling content that ties back to the brand and can result in direct traffic.

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