Why Are People Using Google+?

Google+, milkshake-factory.com, social media trendsIn today’s economically-uncertain, information-saturated, content-rich world, 3 factors drive a consumer’s purchase decision: price, simplicity, and convenience. Consumers want to get the best deal as quickly and easily as possible. I want to get in and get out.

Simplicity: Google+ provides a “cleaner” social media user experience, whereas Facebook, with its news feeds, sponsored stories, timelines, etc, is way too visually busy.

Convenience: Google+ is highly integrated with most Google services, including its search engine. If Google can offer a social network that is fully-integrated with its search engine, YouTube, and all other services, and if most online users are already enjoying many of these services anyway, it stands to reason that people will eventually use Google+ for social as well. People socialize to learn from each other and share experiences. Isn’t that how many people are using Google services right now (“I’ll Google it;” “check it out- I put it on YouTube”)?

As Google can offer people a fully-integrated online experience – from search to social, from m-commerce to mobile – that is simple and convenient, people will end up using their products and services more than any other. If you are looking for complete marketing solutions ideas, Australian freelancer or IT contracting Melbourne, contact us for a FREE no obligation quote.